Keeping our community safe and prosperous for our children is paramount. Everyone deserves a fair shot, yet sometimes that is not the reality. Bad things can happen, but it’s critical that we as a community correct our mistakes and at least make it less likely that the same bad thing happens again. Accountability matters. There is a lot of anti-lawsuit propaganda (typically from insurance companies), but consider a different perspective.

At Duckworth Law we help people who suffer life-changing injuries, based on fault of another. We all like to think we have total control, but the brutal reality is that the world can be cruel and unfair. A drunk driver can hit any one of us; you can get hurt at work in a freak accident; you can develop lung disease from asbestos. You might not be able to prevent your injury, but…..

YOU CAN make a difference for the next person, and make your community safer. In order to make a difference, the responsible party must be held accountable. Just like your kid won’t stop drawing with crayons on your wall unless disciplined, the drunk driver won’t stop driving drunk without accountability. We learn about accountability as children, yet amazingly, as adults we seem even less likely to accept responsibility and accountability. Moreover, insurance companies have convinced many that filing a lawsuit is negative, when lawsuits actually hold bad actors responsible. Lawsuits are society’s way of teaching bad people to not draw with crayons on our walls!

People who come to Duckworth Law often say are “not the suing type.” No one wants to file a lawsuit. People file lawsuits because they have to, and more importantly, to make a difference. Filing a lawsuit against a drunk driver, a reckless motorist, a fraudulent insurance company, or a company that makes a dangerous product, can teach that bad actor to be safer in the future. Holding people or companies accountable is critical to a safe and prosperous community.

I cringe at the phrase “frivolous lawsuits.” I only get paid if we win, and if I was filing frivolous lawsuits I would literally be out of business. Cases are too expensive and risky to go around filing frivolous cases. Tort lawsuits are only successful when someone (or a corporation) did something legally wrong, causing injury. Lawsuits are about accountability, and helping make our communities better by proper allocation of fault.

If you were injured by a bad actor, consider contacting a lawyer. It may help make a difference in your community.