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Duckworth Law Office is a boutique trial lawyer firm located in Polson, Montana.  Duckworth Law is owned by Polson native, Kiel Duckworth.  Kiel is a kind, dedicated, yet aggressive Montana lawyer who represents other Montanans with professionalism, dignity, and respect.  We specialize in personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.

We are a client-first firm.  Other firms try to have as many cases as possible, whereas we have a different approach.  We like to have fewer cases so that we can give 100% to every client we represent.  We priritize specialty and expertise over volume.  We hear stories about lawyers who don’t return calls, or don’t give cases enough attention – we strive to be different.  Your case is more than just a business transaction – we care.

Duckworth law represents people with valid injury and workers’ compensation claims. Duckworth Law was started by Kiel’s father, Kent, in 1986 in Ronan.  We exclusively represents people against insurance companies in Montana courts.

Kiel moved Duckworth Law Office from Ronan to Polson in 2020.  The office is located on Highway through Polson in prominent location.  Though located in Polson, we handle cases statewide, and travel to courtrooms across Montana to pursue client’s claims, oftentimes as a result of referals from other lawyers.  Location is not an issue – our practice is truly statewide, with clients all across Montana with a variety of personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Duckworth Law Office has the experience, knowledge, and drive to represent you.  As a small botique firm we have the ability to act fast on cases, and we do not allow cases to sit without attention.  We take pride in our community and consider it a privilege to be your lawyer.  Let us help you.  We will treat you with dignity and respect, unlike the insurance company who considers you to be another number on a spreadsheet.  

Specialized Montana Injury Lawyer

We specialize ONLY in representing people (like you) against insurance companies.  In our opinion, it is critical to specialize exclusively in injury cases because they involve complex legal and medical issues that simply cannot be mastered by lawyers who spend time on other things.  You lawyer must know the law for injury claims (tort law), which is one of the most extensive and complicated areas of law.

What Sets us Apart

There are a few things that set Duckworth Law apart from others.  First, we truly care about our clients and believe each case deserves individual attention.  What big firms gain in numbers, they lose in ability to provide the human element.  Each case is about you — the client — and your specific harms and losses.  We are here to help you tell your story.

Corporations and insurance companies have the financial upper hand.  They also have spent billions of dollars over decades on public propaganda campaigns that seek to discourage legitimate lawsuits, nevermind the 7th Amendment to the Constitution.  Truthfully, insurance companies have succeeded in convinving the general public that injury victims are the problem —  shame on you for being hit by a drunk driver and making an insurance claim.   We fight against such ridiculous insurance propaganda.  

If you are injured, you will likely be up against a billion-dollar insurance company and their decades of anti-lawsuit propaganda.  A proven Montana injury lawyer can help you navigate this misinformation, and hold the proper party and insurance company responsible for the safety violation.    You are NOT the problem – the problem is unsafe people and their insurance companies denying responsibility and denying true accountability.

Duckworth Law Office would like to help you and we have the skill, experience and knowledge to handle your case whether it is a car accident, work injury, construction injury, or other personal injury claim.  We can maximize your settlement and put money in your pocket to cover your losses.  We are proud to help you!

Ask Our Clients…

“An injury doesn’t just hurt you physically.  It hurts mentally, emotionally and financially.  Kiel understands that and works hard to get you the best results in all the ways you are hurting.”  – Rhonda (client)

Our Practices

Personal Injury

Personal injury includes any type of fault-based accidental or intentional injury. Oftentimes it is difficult to determine if someone is responsible for your injury.  We can help determine responsible parties and maxmimize your injury settlement. 

Workers' Compensation

If you have suffered from a work related injury or accident, you are likely entitled to recover compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer.  Learn more about your Montana workers’ compensation claim. 

Insurance Law

Insurance questions arise in a variety of areas including automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, general liability insurance, life insurance, etc. Insurance is meant to provide coverage contingent upon the happening of a risk causing harm.  We can help with your Montana insurance claim. 

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We have the experience and knowledge to successfully represent you.

It can be overwhelming to try to deal with emotional trauma, yet also handle the legal and financial aspects. Let Duckworth Law Office take care of that.

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After suffering the devastation of a house fire, we quickly learned we were not able to deal with the insurance company on our own! We enlisted the help of the Duckworth Law Office and Kiel Duckworth. Mr. Duckworth worked closely with us, listened to our concerns and immediately went to work. With the expertise and professionalism of Mr. Duckworth and his staff, a fair settlement was quickly reached. We could not have done it without them and will be forever grateful!

Kelly K.

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Carol Blodgett

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