Kiel Duckworth is a Polson Montana lawyer, native to Polson. Kiel was born and raised in Lake County Montana. Polson, Montana is located on the south end of Flathead Lake, in Lake County Montana, and also on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Lake County spans approximately from just South of Arlee to South of Kalispell Montana. Lake County includes other towns including Pablo, Ronan, Arlee, St. Ignatius and more. Kiel Duckworth is the owner and lawyer at Duckworth Law office, where he specializes in representing people injured through the fault of another, and workers’ compensation claimants. Kiel is a trial lawyer and aggressively pursues every case he handles.

Flathead Reservation And Flathead Lake – Polson Montana Lawyer

Duckworth Law Office was originally located in Ronan, Montana and moved in 2020 to Polson, Montana. Both Polson and Ronan are on the Flathead Reservation, home of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT). The CSKT has a long a rich history in the area and throughout Western Montana and the Flathead Reservation was established by the Hellgate Treaty of 1855.

The Flathead Reservation is home to Flathead Lake, where locals and tourists flock to the beautiful lake in the summer seasons. Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River and a rare gem of crystal clear water and open spaces. Our population in Polson explodes in the summertime months as a result of Flathead lake. Many people come here from in state and out of state. Some have second homes on Flathead Lake, and others come just to visit and enjoy our beautiful summertime weather and lake activities.

Polson Montana Flathead Lake Law Firm

Polson Montana Lawyer for Car Accidents

Polson, Montana is located on Highway 93, a beautiful but dangerous Montana Highway. Highway 93 has the the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most dangerous highways in Montana. Highway 93 is the most dangerous for animal-vehicle collisions, but is also a dangerous highway for vehicle to vehicle collisions. At Duckworth Law we focus on preventable accidents, meaning auto accidents caused by the negligence of a driver.

We are not proud of the fact that Highway 93 cases keep us busy. On the contrary, our hope at Duckworth Law is that our work makes a difference. We aggressively pursue negligent drivers in hopes that we can effect change, by holding responsible drivers accountable. If we can make the difference for one drunk driver, distracted driver, or texting driver, then that is one life potentially saved. Highway 93 will likely continue to be a dangerous highway just due to the geography and weather conditions, but hopefully we can make it at least a little safer for all Lake County residents and families.

Polson Montana Lawyer Highway 93

Polson Montana Lawyer for Workers’ Compensation

We handle many workers’ compensation claims for workers in the Polson, Montana area. Headquartered in Polson, our central location allows us to easily see clients on a daily basis from Missoula up to Kalispell.

Workers’ compensation claims include injuries “arising out of and in the course of employment.” Put simply, workers’ compensation are for situations where you are hurt at work. We help injured workers navigate the workers compensation system. It is a complicated system and you will be up against wealthy and experienced insurance companies. You would be wise to have an experienced lawyer on your side to help fight insurance companies.

Workers’ compensation claims can take many forms, but the majority of our local claims involve men and women hurt while engaged in some kind of medium or heavy labor. The construction industry, logging industry, retailers, hospitals, and other large employers in Lake County, particularly those involving heavy duty jobs, often see injured workers to some extent. Workers’ compensation benefits both the employer and employee, by having guaranteed coverage at a known and limited cost. The system is not perfect, and is frustrating for injured workers, and that where we can help. Call us to discuss your claim.